Super App Idea - A competition for young dreamers

Results 2015

1st place

Tautvile Patasiute
from Barking

2nd place

Hafsah Zulfiqar
from Walthamstow

3rd place

Marina Primrose
from London

Ideas Distribution Map

Ideas are really everywhere!
Thank you kids!

Ideas Per Month


Our Team would like to say a special THANK YOU to all schools that have kindly displayed our posters!

Ideas School Town/city
29 Walthamstow School for Girls Walthamstow
7 Channing School for Girls London
4 Chingford Foundation School London
3 Francis Holland London
1 Beech Hall Poynton
1 Towerhamlets College London
1 Grantham college Grantham
1 Devonport high for girls Tavistock
1 Sophie Bolter Hengoed
1 Barclays school Herts
1 Murray Park Derby
1 Elizabeth Ferguson Newcastle
1 Long Stratton HIgh School Long Stratton
1 Northolt High School London
1 Ernesford Grange School Coventry
1 South Sefton CollegeLiverpool
1 Djanogly Nottingham
1 Bosworth Academy Leicester
1 Chingfor Foundation School London

What's it all about?

Win an iPad, get your app built and become an entrepreneur!

Got a great idea for a mobile/tablet app but no idea how to build it?

Maybe you've thought up a new game or perhaps you're always saying "wouldn't it be great if my smartphone could...".

Well, we could turn your idea into a real app.

Not only are we offering some great prizes for the best app idea, but you'll get a share of the profits should your app prove to be a success.

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