Super App Idea - A competition for young dreamers

What's it all about?

Win an iPad, get your app built and become an entrepreneur!

Got a great idea for a mobile/tablet app but no idea how to build it?

Maybe you've thought up a new game or perhaps you're always saying "wouldn't it be great if my smartphone could...".

Well, we could turn your idea into a real app.

Not only are we offering some great prizes for the best app idea, but you'll get a share of the profits should your app prove to be a success.

What kind of idea are we looking for?

Any kind! Go wild and don't be afraid of sharing your idea no matter how crazy it might sound.

Who would have thought that a game where players use a slingshot to launch different birds at pigs occupying precariously balanced structures would have been such a success? But that's Angry Birds and it's been downloaded over 2 billion times!

Or that we needed yet another app to share pictures and videos when we already had Facebook, Flickr and numerous others? However, Instagram have 200 million users sharing 20 billion photos!

Who knows, you might just have the idea for the next Angry Birds!

The Prizes!

  • 1st Prize: iPad mini
  • 2nd Prize: iPod touch
  • 3rd Prize: iPod nano

Plus a share of the profits should your app prove to be a success!

Share your idea, you can wind an iPad mini!

The Boring (But Important) Stuff

Rules of the Competition

Ideas must be returned by 31st of December 2015.

Participants must be between 11 and 17 years old on the 31st of December 2015. Please ensure that you have the permission of your parent or guardian before entering this competition.

Only one submission may be made per individual per idea.

UK residents only.

The idea must be original and totally provided by a single student.

TECHIFIDE may use, develop and adapt any ideas which are submitted but it does not have to progress any of the ideas. Some ideas are really good but are not commercial or possible to take forward.

TECHIFIDE may finance and transform your idea into a real app, from which you will be earning 15% of the total revenues generated from:

  1. Sales from Google Play or App Store
  2. Advertisement banners
  3. Sale of The App IP to a third party organisation

The final result will be published by 1st of February 2016 on the competition's website. TECHIFIDE alone will choose the winners and TECHIFIDE's decision is final.

The Full Terms & Conditions Pages are incorporated into these Rules and form part of them.

By entering the competition you agree these Rules.

If you have any question, please contact us at

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